Discussion-Based Classes


During the first year, a two-semester Humanities seminar, which completes the University’s literature and writing requirements, enables scholars to develop their skills within the same group of people over the entire academic year. The sophomore through senior years see Glynn scholars pursuing their academic majors and thesis research. During senior year, two colloquia–one on senior thesis research and the other on contemporary moral problems–offer a way for Glynn scholars to reconnect in the classroom. Thesis research and writing occupies senior year, and culminates in a research symposium in April.Glynn scholars fulfill University requirements in philosophy, theology, history, and literature during their first and second years in seminars designed for dialogue and critical thinking. Unlike classes offered to regular students that might have 40 to150 students, seminars offered to Glynn scholars typically have 12 to16 scholars.

Stellar Faculty

Talented professors are the single greatest resource a university can provide for its students, and the scholar-teachers in the Glynn Family Honors Program are truly exceptional. All the professors who teach Glynn courses are located within a particular academic department and are recognized as both intellectual leaders in their respective fields and as excellent teachers at Notre Dame.

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Undergraduate Research

Research projects offer students a unique experience that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. One-on-one interaction with faculty members is particularly rewarding; learning is deepened when you develop intellectual relationships with your professors and other mentors.

The Glynn Family Honors Program was an early proponent and sponsor of undergraduate research at Notre Dame, which has now proliferated across the University. As Fr. John Jenkins said, “We want our students to see themselves not simply as passive learners, taking in information from books and lectures, but also as inquirers themselves, raising their own questions, conducting their research and knowing the exhilaration of a discovery or hard-won insight” (Annual Address to Notre Dame Faculty, September 15, 2015).

During senior year, Glynn scholars complete a capstone senior thesis project reflecting at least two semesters of original research conducted under the mentorship of a Notre Dame professor. Scholars also participate in a senior research colloquium and have a chance to present at our final research symposium.

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