Admissions and Financial Aid

Each year, the University of Notre Dame welcomes 2,000 students from an applicant pool almost ten times larger. Among the highest-achieving in the country, admitted Notre Dame students are bright, hard-working, and active in school and local communities.

From this accomplished group, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Glynn Family Honors Program select approximately 100 Glynn Scholars.

Profile of a Glynn Scholar

Glynn Scholars demonstrate extraordinary intellectual accomplishment and talent for doing challenging work in both the humanities and the sciences. A typical Glynn Scholar may yearn to become a scientist yet also enjoy discussing classical literature. Or he or she may be an accomplished artist who finds chemistry fascinating. Many Glynn scholars demonstrate single-minded pursuits, such as writing or science experimentation, that demonstrate a creative, ‘coloring outside the lines,’ bent. “Numbers” alone–class rank or standardized test scores–do not qualify students for invitation into the program.

The Glynn Family Honors Program is one of many academic opportunities available to Notre Dame students. Most academic departments in the College of Arts and Letters and the College of Science offer honors tracks in which students complete a capstone research project. To offset the cost of research, students may apply for a wide variety of grants, which fund research both at the University and elsewhere.

Applying to be a Glynn Scholar

The first step to take for admission into the Glynn Family Honors Program is to apply to Notre Dame. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the co-directors of the Glynn Program then select potentially eligible candidates.

Potential candidates will be invited to apply to the program soon after they receive an offer of admission to the University of Notre Dame. The application process consists of a short sequence of questions answered by the applicant on video, via an online third-party service.

Glynn Scholars and Financial Aid

Glynn scholars receive the same access to financial aid as other Notre Dame students. In addition, they are eligible to receive at least one summer of research funding.

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