Advisory Board

The Glynn Family Honors Advisory Board comprises the program's directors, several current and former professors, three alumni of the program, and representatives from the Glynn family. It is chaired by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

The Advisory Board generally meets twice a year to discuss the program's current status and plans for the future, which may include assessments, curricular changes, admission procedures and other topics relevant to the program. On some occasions, select current students are invited to attend a meeting as guests. The meetings provide an opportunity for reflection on a regular basis and are key to maintaining continued excellence in all aspects of the program.

Current Board Members

  • Mr. John Glynn
  • Ms. Betsy Glynn
  • David Glynn
  • Eileen Botting
  • Susannah Brietz Monta
  • Holly Goodson
  • Hugh Page
  • Paul Weithman
  • Christopher Kolda
  • Margaret Meserve
  • Jillian Snyder
  • Mary Flannery

Program Alumni

  • Abby Davis
  • Anna Kottkamp
  • Andrew Nesi