Departmental Honors Tracks

Many of the academic departments in the College of Arts and Letters offer honors tracks for students majoring in that field. These tracks make it possible for students to pursue their particular course of study, receive credit for research classes and experiences, and produce a capstone senior thesis based on original research.  This thesis then may be submitted to the Glynn Family Honors Program to fulfill the program's senior thesis requirement.

The College of Science offers a mathematics honors track also open to Glynn scholars.   Scholars in science majors other than mathematics follow the normal course of studies for their particular department, with one exception: Glynn scholars in science are encouraged to take courses for majors in all subjects.

For Glynn scholars, pursuing an honors track or taking advanced courses complements their membership in the Glynn program. While remaining a Glynn scholar and participating in Glynn-only offerings, such a student also can develop an expertise in the field of their major and pursue a a higher course of study with experts in that area.