Senior Thesis

A Unique Opportunity for Original Research...

2020 Glynn Thesis Projects
2020 Glynn Senior Thesis Presentation

Have you stumbled across a compellng question that no one (yet) has the answer to?

Always wondered why something works the way it does?

Want to test your own theory, write your own novel, or make a unique contribution to a field that interests you?

The senior thesis is a chance to integrate knowledge of a subject you are passionate about with the skills of analysis and communication you have developed as a Glynn scholar. Undertaking research and writing the thesis proper require creativity, curiosity, discipline and an ability to meet challenges.

You will be guided by a faculty member from beginning to end--from writing a research proposal to conducting research and analyzing data. Although you are closely involved with your adviser, nonetheless your plan of action is your own. Thesis researchers and writers develop an expertise and authority in the field gained by the thesis process. This intensive experience culminates in the composition of your senior thesis.

The Glynn Family Honors Program guarantees you at least one summer's worth of research funding if the proposal you submit is meaningful. You will also participate in a senior research colloquium and have a chance to present at our final research symposium. Glynn senior theses take many forms: from cutting-edge scientific research papers to inventions, from artistic creations (novels, plays, sculptures) to in-depth analyses in the humanities.

All Glynn scholars are required to submit a senior thesis which represents at least two semesters' work. You may sign up for thesis credit either through your department or through the Glynn office--but not both--so that your research is registered on your transcript. (You may opt to not sign up for research credit, but you must do the two semesters of work as attested by your adviser.) The final product should be printed and spiral-bound, with a cover page signed personally by your thesis adviser. Please also email a pdf copy to the Glynn office. The exact due date for theses varies from year to year, but it is always within the first week of April. However, early-finishing students are encouraged to turn their theses in whenever they complete them, with the approval of their thesis advisers.

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