Applying for Glynn Grants

The Glynn Family Honors Program, in conjunction with the College of Science and the College of Arts & Letters, funds students for several purposes, including conducting summer research (on or off campus); presenting research at a conference or meeting; and paying costs associated with conducting research, such as purchasing materials or reimbursing participants. From time to time, other types of activities may be funded at the discretion of the Program directors and pursuant to available funding.

The Glynn Family Honors Program seeks to provide substantial funding for every student who requests it, at least once during their time at Notre Dame. Activities that are directly related to a student's senior research thesis are generally given priority for funding; requests from upper classmen tend to be prioritized over those of underclassmen, though applicants are encouraged to argue in their proposal that the opportunity for which they seek funding may not arise again, or that the funding will open up the possibility for other, externally funded opportunities later. Students who receive summer funding are still eligible for travel and other grants and vice-versa.

Eligible students are current first-years, sophomores, or juniors in the Glynn Family Honors Program. Summer grant applications are usually due in early March for Science students, and in mid-March for Arts and Letters students. Fall, winter and spring break applications are submitted on a rolling basis; contact the honors program office for more information. To apply for a Glynn Grant, please consult the following:

College of Arts and Letters

  1. Types of Funding Available
  2. Guidelines for Proposals (137 kb)
  3. Faculty Recommender Information (66 kb)
  4. Photo Guidelines
  5. Post-grant survey

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College of Science

  1. Grant Application Instructions
  2. Photo Guidelines
  3. Post-grant survey

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