What is a fellowship?

An academic fellowship is a prestigious award that places an individual in the "company" of experts and other talented individuals, usually at highly-respected institutions around the world. The term directly relates to the community aspect of the award--think of Frodo who joined the fellowship of the Ring--because individuals often achieve their goals, and learn at a deeper level, when supported by experts in the field. Additionally, an academic fellowship involves a (usually substantial) financial award that enables your particular intellectual pursuit. Different fellowships have been established with different goals and outcomes in mind.

Why would I be interested in seeking a fellowship?

Depending on the actual fellowship, you could receive from a few weeks' to a few years' funding to study a language and culture, get a graduate degree, do an internship, acquire specialized training, or conduct research. Some fellowships are targeted at undergraduates still in school, while others are meant for graduating seniors or recent graduates. The prestige of all fellowships, and the opportunities they offer, mean that your life will open to new and engaging possibilities, including meeting career goals. In recent years, several Glynn scholars have received different fellowships, including the highly selective Rhodes Scholarship.

How do I apply for a fellowship?

The Glynn Family Honors Program works closely with CUSE, the center at Notre Dame which prepares students for fellowships. Check out the CUSE fellowship page, which gives very helpful information on how to apply and whom to contact.  Also, stay alert to presentations given by CUSE representatives in Arcadia periodically throughout the academic year. There are fellowships available for all levels, first-years through seniors and beyond.