Learning Beyond the Classroom

Developing the Whole Person

From their first step onto campus, our undergraduates are nurtured and emboldened with a sense of possibility and wonder. At Notre Dame, they learn that education is not simply an act of absorption but one of transformation. In the Glynn Family Honors Program, the life of the mind is not confined to desks, labs, papers, and exams, but is cultivated in the rich experiences of life beyond the classroom... often with a great sense of fun!

Arcadia: The Glynn Family Honors Program Lounge

Arcadia is named after the Tom Stoppard play of the same name. The play’s major theme is the interplay between scientific matters and human concerns.

Throughout the day students and faculty gather in Arcadia, the Glynn Family Honors Program lounge, for casual conversation and, more often than not, lively debate over philosophical, scientific, and moral issues.

Of course, Arcadia responds to more basic matters.

The lounge is furnished to support study and homework, with tables, easy chairs equipped with swing-arm desktops, and computers with printing capability. You can also get cozy on the overstuffed couches and peruse the latest issue of The New York TimesThe American Scholar, National Geographic, TIME, or Science magazine.

Coffee, tea and cocoa are always available; in the mornings and early afternoons there are fresh baked goods, and in the late afternoon scholars can choose from a variety of snacks.

Hours: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., weekdays.



Culture, conversation, and entertainment

The Glynn Family Honors Program sponsors cultural, entertainment and educational events outside the classroom. Opportunities include:

  • Watching a Shakespeare production in Stratford, Ontario.
  • Enjoying a top-notch performance at the Lyric Opera in Chicago.
  • Attending performances of world-class artists, or screenings of cutting-edge documentaries, at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.
  • Gathering with friends at the annual Christmas Mass and party and January formal dance.

The Notre Dame Difference

The Glynn Family Honors Program enhances the signature Notre Dame undergraduate experience, which cultivates the life of the mind and the wisdom of the heart. As a Glynn Scholar, you will be an essential part of the Notre Dame family and have one more place, a lounge affectionately nicknamed Arcadia, to call home--and close friends beyond the usual dorm and club groups.