Glynn Senior, Kristin Andrejko, Published in Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease

Author: Kolda, Chris

Congratulations go out to Glynn senior Kristin Andrejko for being first author on a review article recently published in the journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease. The article, co-authored by Kristin while she was interning at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this past summer, reviews the evidence on the safety of a malaria prophylaxis drug during pregnancy. Kristin is currently completing her senior thesis under Notre Dame's Prof. Nicole Achee on the effectiveness of a malaria education program in HaMakuya, South Africa. Kristin received Glynn funding to work with the nonprofit, One Sun Health, throughout the summer of 2016 to organize malaria education programs in partnership with local community health organizations. After completing her degree in Science-Business, Kristin intends to continue on to graduate school for her PhD in epidemiology. Kristin has already been accepted into programs at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and is in the process of finalizing her future plans.