Research Spotlight - Catherine Kinkopf

Author: Kelly Girst

Catherine Kinkopf Researching On Computer
Catherine Kinkopf Researching On Computer

Catherine Kinkopf

Major: Pre-professional Studies and Sociology
Research Location: Online

Catherine studied the interplay between vaccine hesitancy and social media messaging. She helped to develop training for health care workers in India and Kenya to combat vaccine hesitancy through building resistance against vaccine misinformation, developing patient-provider communication skills, and practicing strategies to effectively debunk misinformation. 

Catherine says, "This experience strengthened my passion for medicine, for sociology and the social determinants of health, and for global health, solidifying my desire to go to medical school. However, it has also opened my eyes to the many other paths available in the medical field, encouraging me to explore the global and social sides of medicine before attending medical school."