Research Spotlight - Trevor Lwere

Author: Kelly Girst

Trevor Lwere At The Centre For Social Development In Africa
Trevor Lwere At The Centre For Social Development In Africa

Trevor Lwere

Major: Economics
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Trevor explored the changing relationship between youth and political parties in fairly free democracies in Africa, with a focus on South Africa. He looked at the different strategies employed by political parties in South Africa to mobilize and organize youth in the run-up-to the country's upcoming general election. The primary method of data collection was through in-person interviews with political leaders and officials from the aforementioned parties, student leaders, academics and political analysts. Interviews focused on three thematic areas; the importance of youth to political parties, strategies for mobilizing youth and the structures for organizing youth members. By examining the South African case, he hopes to highlight best practices for youth political mobilization and organization which can be leveraged by other political actors across Africa to effectively organize this critical political constituency for tangible political outcomes.

Trevor says, "Having the opportunity to interact with individuals who are physically involved in the area of my research was an opportunity I am deeply grateful for. It helped me to see my very theoretical views about my topic juxtaposed against reality and the experiences of individuals that have their skin in the game."