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Restorative Justice through Nature: Elsa Barron '21 and Karli Siefker '21

A baby preying mantis will extend its front legs and make itself appear as tall as possible to fend off a hungry spider. This may seem trivial, or perhaps humorous, and indeed, the group of teenage boys in DePaul Academy’s biology class laughed when they first saw a video of this encounter. But then, when asked to think more about it, the conversation turned to how us humans are similar to the preying mantis – sometimes we act big and tough when we don’t want to get hurt. These students could relate to the insect, and thus, grow in their connection to nature. 

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Across three continents, research and languages are the keys to Ugandan undergrad’s success in economics and global affairs

Whether he’s studying in Uganda or France, South Africa or South Bend — or speaking English, Luganda, French, or Swahili — Trevor Lwere has one topic at the forefront of his mind. No matter where he is, the economics and global affairs major is driven to investigate what different cultures and perspectives can teach each other about forming the best society. “Every time I move to a different place, I get curious about how different societies imagine how they should be organized and how they approach life,” he said.

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Glynn Junior Patrick Hidalgo McCabe Named 2020 Truman Scholar

Glynn Family Honors Program junior Patrick Hidalgo McCabe has been named a 2020 Truman Scholar, joining a growing list of Glynn students selected for the honor — a list that includes Prathm Junega (Rhodes Scholar '20), Caleb Pine (Valedictorian '17), and Alex Coccia (Rhodes Scholar, '14).

McCabe is a political science and Arabic major with a minor in peace studies from Vienna, Virginia. In addition to being a member of the Glynn Program, he is a Hesburgh-Yusko Scholar, a Kellogg International Scholar, and a Boren Scholar.…

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Chemistry major fosters solar power from Nepal to Notre Dame

Drysdale Jake 2 Smaller

Last summer, chemistry major Jake Drysdale studied perovskite solar cells in the Notre Dame lab of Prashant V. Kamat, worked with the Nepal-based company Gham Power to bring solar-powered water pumps to small farmers, and founded his own company, Yeti Photovoltaic, to make this technology more accessible to all.



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Podcast catches up with Prathm Juneja, Notre Dame’s newest Rhodes Scholar

With a Side of Knowledge is a podcast produced by the Office of the Provost at the University of Notre Dame. The 13th episode of the show’s third season, “On the Rhodes Scholarship and Making Yourself Useful,” was released Thursday, Feb. 13, and features Prathm Juneja, who this past November was named to the American Rhodes Scholar Class of 2020, becoming the 20th Rhodes Scholar in Notre Dame history.

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Through international research and internships, political science and pre-health major explores everything from global health to Gothic literature

In less than three years, Ellen Pil has conducted research in Germany, traveled to the Galápagos Islands, worked for a nongovernmental organization in South Africa, and interned with a nonprofit health center in Chicago. A Hesburgh-Yusko Scholar and a member of the Glynn Family Honors Program, Pil said she is amazed by the support she’s received in identifying opportunities and funding to cultivate her interests and discover intersections between her fields of study.

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In pursuing a senior thesis that blends political science, peace studies, and sustainability, Glynn Scholar discovers research requires discernment

Sipping espresso and snacking on pastry, senior Terese Schomogyi counted the number of disposable cups carried out of a café into the sloping streets of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. With funding from the Glynn Family Honors Program, Schomogyi traveled last year to Amsterdam and Stockholm, Sweden, to study sustainable and ethical practices in café culture and marketing, a versatile project that would combine all her passions — political science, peace studies, and sustainability — into a senior thesis. Or, so she thought. In research, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. 

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Glynn Senior Prathm Juneja named Rhodes Scholar

University of Notre Dame senior Prathm Juneja has been named to the United States Rhodes Scholar Class of 2020. Juneja, of Edison, New Jersey is one of 32 Rhodes Scholars selected from a pool of 963 candidates. He is Notre Dame’s 20th Rhodes Scholar and will commence his studies in Oxford in October.

“Notre Dame could not be prouder of Prathm Juneja because he

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Glynn Junior Madeline Owen Published in National Research Journal, UReCA

Glynn Honors junior Madeline Owen, a Neuroscience and Behavior major with a minor in Poverty Studies, was recently published in the UReCA: The Journal of Undergraduate Research. A publication of the National Collegiate Honors Council, UReCA is among the top peer-reviewed, undergraduate research journals in the US, accepting fewer than 15% of submissions.

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Neuroscience majors prepare for careers in law and medicine through senior thesis research on a wide range of issues 

In labs, at conferences, and in public policy forums domestic and abroad, Notre Dame neuroscience and behavior majors are exploring and deepening their passion for the study of the human nervous system. Last year, three members of the Class of 2019 used grants they received through the Glynn Family Honors Program to conduct research on meditation and neglected children, measuring stress response, and rethinking justice. Through one discipline, they were able to see a variety of ways in which a firmer grasp of human thinking, affect, and behavior can serve as a force of good in the world. 

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Senior Prathm Juneja named 2019 Truman Scholar

Notre Dame senior Prathm Juneja, of South Bend, Indiana, has been named a 2019 Truman Scholar. Juneja is among 62 students—mostly juniors but also seniors in five-year degree programs—selected for the honor from a pool of 840 candidates from 346 colleges and universities nationwide.

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Notre Dame team wins ACC Debate Championship

Two members of the University of Notre Dame Debate Team — freshman Patrick Aimone and sophomore Conrad Palor — took first place Saturday (April 6) in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Debate Championship in Washington, D.C.

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For anthropology major Grace Garvey, exploring other disciplines is key to research success

Grace Garvey’s academic curiosity isn’t confined to one subject area. Her interest in human migration manifests in all sorts of different disciplines. She’s an anthropology major who is working closely with an American studies professor on her senior thesis. For her capstone project in the Hesburgh Program in Public Service, she partnered with an economics major. And her coursework while studying abroad in Ireland focused on global perspectives on migration and archaeology. “The world isn't just one discipline — it's a nexus of all these different studies,” she said. “So a liberal arts education is more realistic to the type of knowledge that you need to have moving forward when you graduate.”

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Army ROTC cadet blends history and political science research to study causes of human trafficking in home state

Senior Mary Ninneman has been to Thailand, Greece, and Washington, D.C., studying the causes and effects of human trafficking — and those experiences inspired her to further study the issue in the place she knows best. A history and political science major, Army ROTC cadet, and member of the Glynn Family Honors Program, Ninneman’s four years of academic, internship, and international experiences have culminated in a senior thesis analyzing how the issue she’s most passionate about impacts her home state of Nebraska.

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Glynn Senior Sofia Carozza Named 2019 Marshall Scholar

Sofia Carozza Headshot 3

Congratulations to Sofia Carozza, a senior in the Glynn Family Honors Program, for having been named one of Notre Dame’s two 2019 Marshall Scholars! Carozza, of South Bend, Indiana, will study neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. She is one of 10 Notre Dame students awarded one of the prestigious open-discipline British scholarships — Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell and Gates Cambridge — since 2013.

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Glynn Scholars Win Library Research Awards

Congratulations to Glynn Family Honors Program seniors Tim Seida and Laura Neis on winning Undergraduate Library Research Awards in the Senior and Honors Thesis category. Tim received First Prize and Laura received an Honorable Mention.



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Elsa Barron Receives the S.N. Bose Scholarship

Elsa Barron, a rising sophomore in the Glynn Family Honors Program, received the S.N. Bose Scholarship for study in Bangalore,India, this summer at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). IISc is supported by Winstep Forward and the Indian government via IUSSTF, the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum based at the Fulbright House in New Delhi. Elsa is a biological sciences major, and she will be working on a project considering the role of microtubules and mitochondria in cell division in yeast. She will also be in Nepal for 2 weeks with the Madrasa Discourses Program, a part of Notre Dame's Contending Modernities Project. This project involves discussions with Islamic leaders from Indian and Pakistan on modern advances in technology and thought and how they fit into the Islamic Church.…

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Glynn Scholar Marissa Lucht to Present at TEDxUND 2018

TEDxUND 2018 is designed both to spread great ideas in the mission of TED and to showcase the ideas and talents of the Notre Dame community. Glynn Senior and Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics major Marissa Lucht will be one of the presenters on April 28, keeping with the TED mission to “foster learning, inspiration, and wonder” and our TEDxUND 2018 theme: "Dare to…” …

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