• Intellectual Rigor

    Glynn Family Honors Program Scholars enjoy a unique, albeit intense, academic experience that brings together the distinct benefits of Notre Dame’s College of Science and College of Arts and Letters.

  • An Engaging Community

    Glynn students and faculty regularly gather in Arcadia, the honors program lounge, for casual conversation or lively debate over philosophical, scientific, and moral issues.

  • Research Opportunities

    In-depth undergraduate research is a hallmark of the Glynn Family Honors Program, which guarantees students at least one summer of research funding.

The Glynn Family Honors Program offers select undergraduates the opportunity to pursue academic excellence within a community of like-minded learners. Glynn scholars engage in lively intellectual discussions in seminar-style honors classes, undertake original research, and develop meaningful mentoring relationships with some of the University’s top professors. Glynn scholars graduate from Notre Dame well prepared for elite Ph.D. programs, top medical and law schools, prestigious service programs, and a wide range of fulfilling careers in business and industry. 


Rhodes Scholarship Application


Philosophy Professor and Rhodes Scholar Dr. Meghan Sullivan will speak about how the Rhodes (and other national fellowships) can benefit you regardless of your career path.

CUSE Assistant Director of National Fellowships Dr. Jeffrey Thibert will speak about the application process.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

5:00-6:00 p.m. 

Arcadia Lounge



South Bend Symphony Orchestra


Need to get off campus and have a little February fun? Join us for a performance of the South Bend Symphony Orchestra. Broadway cast members of the smash hit "Wicked" pay a "gravity defying" tribute to the Great White Way!

Saturday, February 13, 2016, 8:00

Morris Performing Arts Center, Downtown South Bend


Our Students

Economics Major Finds Abundant Research Opportunities at Notre Dame

Economics Major Finds Abundant Research Opportunities at Notre Dame

Notre Dame economics major Melanie Wallskog walked into her professor’s office hours with a question. She walked out with a job. That simple act of reaching out to a professor led to research opportunities in Nicaragua, Ireland, and Chicago. The senior from Bloomington, Indiana, and Glynn Family Honors Scholar has now co-authored a paper with two of her professors and is working on her senior thesis.

Glynn Student Prathm Juneja Publishes Article on Voter Turnout in Huffington Post

Glynn Student Prathm Juneja Publishes Article on Voter Turnout in Huffington Post

Prathm Juneja is a first-year Glynn Honors student studying political science and computer science. His passion for politics is centered on the principle of increasing civic engagement and, as a result, he is doing research on voter turnout rates and political apathy in the United States and abroad. Over his first winter break, Prathm wrote an opinion piece to point out the flaws in the system and also to encourage people to vote. The Huffington Post published Prathm's piece and also gave him blogging privileges for the website.

Highlighted Faculty

Anselma Dolcich-Ashley

Anselma Dolcich-Ashley

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Christopher Kolda

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Cornelius Delaney

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