We're looking for the student who wants to do more 

Elsa Barron, a Glynn student, walking through a gate In Tantur, Jerusalem

The Glynn Family Honors Program seeks academically accomplished, intellectually curious self-starters who love learning and are looking for a broad and meaningful education in the liberal arts and sciences.

We look for students who have pursued the most rigorous high school curriculum available to them and have sought out additional academic experiences, whether in independent study, summer coursework, or creative pursuits. We admit students who love a challenge, are not afraid to take risks, and enjoy deep conversation about big ideas and the frontiers of knowledge.

Applicants to Notre Dame who indicate an interest in a major in the College of Science, College of Arts and Letters, or School of Architecture are all eligible to be nominated for admission to Glynn. If you have a student who loves to read more, talk more, learn more, and do more, a student you know would be a good fit for the Glynn Program, please encourage them to apply to the University of Notre Dame.