• Intellectual Rigor

    Glynn Family Honors Program Scholars enjoy a unique, albeit intense, academic experience that brings together the distinct benefits of Notre Dame’s College of Science and College of Arts and Letters.

  • An Engaging Community

    Glynn students and faculty regularly gather in Arcadia, the honors program lounge, for casual conversation or lively debate over philosophical, scientific, and moral issues.

  • Research Opportunities

    In-depth undergraduate research is a hallmark of the Glynn Family Honors Program, which guarantees students at least one summer of research funding.

The Glynn Family Honors Program offers select undergraduates the opportunity to pursue academic excellence within a community of like-minded learners. Glynn scholars engage in lively intellectual discussions in seminar-style honors classes, undertake original research, and develop meaningful mentoring relationships with some of the University’s top professors. Glynn scholars graduate from Notre Dame well prepared for elite Ph.D. programs, top medical and law schools, prestigious service programs, and a wide range of fulfilling careers in business and industry. 


Glynn congratulates the class of ’21

The Glynn Family Honors Program is graduating 89 extraordinary seniors this year, representing 36 different majors in Architecture, Arts & Letters and Science. Remarkably, 76 will be graduating with double majors or one or more minors, and more than two-thirds with Latin honors. And as with all Glynn classes, every one of these seniors has completed a research thesis representing a significant piece of original scholarship.

This cohort also includes a number of recipients of national and international fellowships, and our 6th valedictorian in 7 years. Next year will see 34 of these seniors in graduate programs or research, 18 in medical school, 4 in law school, 13 completing one or more years of dedicated service work, and the rest moving straight into employment in a wide range of fields.

The Program is proud to recognize four seniors for their particular dedication to scholarship, leadership and service. This year’s Michael Anderson awards for outstanding service to the community and to the world are given to Aidan Crowley and Rachel Ingal. The Glynn Award for academic excellence and exemplary leadership is being given to Elsa Barron and Madeline Owen. Congratulations to these four, and to the entire class of 2021!

Glynn students receive major awards and fellowships

Glynn Family Honors Program students have been the recipients of several major national and international awards in recent weeks. 

Seniors Elsa Barron, a Biology and Peace Studies major from Wheaton, Illinois, and Sara Rani Reddy, a Chemistry and French major from Cincinnati, Ohio, are the Program’s newest Fulbright Scholars, with Amber Grimmer named an alternate. Elsa and Sara will be using their scholarships to study in India and Luxembourg respectively.

Augustine Pasin, of Clam Lake, Wisconsin, has been selected as a Yenching Scholar. Augustine is a Chinese major, with a minor in business economics, and this fellowship will allow him to continue his Chinese studies at Peking University in the fall.

Margaret Burns, of San Antonio, Texas, has been awarded a Luce Fellowship which will allow her to spend next year in Vietnam studying contemporary Asian art and community-based art practices, before continuing on for her PhD in modern and contemporary art.

Junior Andrew Burke is Glynn’s newest recipient of a Goldwater Scholarship. Burke, of Stewartsville, New Jersey, is a mathematics honors major with a concentration in computing. The Goldwater Scholarship encourages outstanding sophomores and juniors to pursue careers in the fields of mathematics, the natural sciences and/or engineering. 

Junior Luke Reifenberg, of South Bend, Indiana, is one of three Notre Dame students offered a Boren Scholarship this year. Luke is a double major in Philosophy and Mathematics, with minors in Data Science and Philosophy, Politics and Economics. 

Finally, first-year student William Kim, an Honors Mathematics major from Edgewater, NJ, has received a Gilman Scholarship, allowing him to study in Paris this summer.

Congratulations to all!


Our Students

Glynn Scholar and Peace studies senior Elsa Barron awarded 2021 Yarrow Award

Glynn Scholar and Peace studies senior Elsa Barron awarded 2021 Yarrow Award

University of Notre Dame senior Elsa Barron has been named the recipient of the Kroc Institute’s 2021 Yarrow Award in Peace Studies. The award is given annually to an undergraduate student or students who demonstrate academic excellence and commitment to service in peace and justice. 

Glynn honors four from outstanding senior class

Glynn honors four from outstanding senior class

Every year, the Glynn Program recognizes a small number of graduating seniors for their exemplary scholarship and service. The Glynn Award for Academic Excellence and Exemplary Leadership is given annually to seniors who exhibit both outstanding academic performance, and a high level of initiative and leadership, either in campus activities, programs for the common good, or in their scholarly field of study. This year the Glynn Award is shared by Elsa Barron, a Biology and Peace Studies major from Wheaton, Illinois, and Madeline Owen, a Neuroscience major from Columbus, Ohio.

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Christopher Kolda

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