Extraordinary Students

Nearly 300 students currently participate in the Glynn Family Honors Program. Selected for their breadth of interest, intelligence, and outstanding accomplishment, these students come to Notre Dame prepared to make a difference. Their undergraduate research and scholarly activities prepare them to succeed in a wide range of academic, professional, and creative careers. 

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Dedicated Faculty and Staff

Over 30 magnificent scholar-teachers lead seminars, participate in colloquia, and mentor Glynn Family Honors Program students. All are recognized for accomplishment in their fields and nearly all have received awards for excellence in undergraduate instruction.

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Professors Margaret Meserve and Christopher Kolda, the directors of the Glynn Family Honors Program and renowned scholars in their own right, select Glynn Scholars, teach introductory courses, and are frequent presences in Arcadia, the Honors Program lounge.  Dr. Jillian Snyder, our professional specialist, keeps an office in Arcadia, where she is available to advise students.  Ms. Kelly Girst, our program coordinator, coordinate all Glynn Family Honors Program activities.

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