Glynn Program hosts Pulitzer-Prize Winning Writer Amy Ellis Nutt

Author: Meserve, Margaret

Amy Wllis Nutt

Award-winning scientific journalist Amy Ellis Nutt was the Glynn Visiting Scholar for November. Nutt, a long-time journalist for the Washington Post and Newark Star-Ledger, who won the Pulitzer Prize for her reporting in 2011, has published three books on neuroscience, including books on the teenage brain and recovery from brain trauma. On Thursday, Nov. 17, she joined a select group of Glynn Scholars over lunch to discuss how science, writing, and philosophy are intertwined with identity and neuroscience. She then gave a public lecture for the College of Science on Saturday entitled The Sneeze that Launched Psychoanalysis in America: Everything you Don't Know about the History of Madness." The Glynn Program was delighted to partner with the College of Science to host Nutt for this fascinating series of talks.