New Glynn Course will take Scholars to Rome

Author: Meserve, Margaret

Rome And The Arts Of Power poster

The Glynn Program is launching a new course this spring that will take a select group of Scholars to Rome over spring break. The History course, Rome and the Arts of Power, taught by Arts and Letters Director Margaret Meserve, surveys the history of Rome from Antiquity to the present day through the lens of its built environment. Students will explore how emperors, popes, princes, revolutionaries, fascists, and reformers have built and rebuilt the city over the millennia, using the arts to project images of sacred and secular authority. Over spring break, Scholars will travel to Rome to visit archaeological sites, museums, churches, and monuments. Based at the Rome Global Gateway, they will use the city as their classroom. Admission is open by application only. Check the Gazette for further details. The deadline for applications is Nov. 14.