Research Spotlight - Andrew Burke

Author: Kelly Girst

Andrew Burke With Presentation Poster

Andrew Burke

Major: Math
Location: The University of Notre Dame

Andrew spent seven weeks on campus attending classes taught by math professors and grad students to study the mathematical subjects of number theory and graph theory. Towards the end of the summer, he undertook a research project on an elementary proof of the prime number theorem.

Andrew says, "I most enjoyed the freedom of studying one topic for an extended period of time. This is often impossible during the busy school year because professors have a curriculum that they need to cover. It was cool to study prime numbers in-depth and to experiment with them. The most challenging aspect of this summer was definitely writing the paper itself. It took a lot of time to synthesize everything I had learned and to put it in one paper. The most surprising aspect for me was that I actually learned to cook. Instead of going to the dining hall, I decided to buy food with my roommate from a grocery store and we cooked some basic meals together."