Research Spotlight - Anousha Greiveldinger

Author: Kelly Girst

Anousha Greiveldinger

Anousha Greiveldinger

Majors: Physics and French
Research Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Anousha attended the Women in Physics Conference at the University of Manitoba where she presented a paper titled "A Surprising Periodicity Detected During a Super-outburst of V844 Herculis by TESS." The paper detailed her research on a mystery signal from a star previously classified as SU Ursa Majoris, a binary star in the Ursa Major Constellation known for suddenly increasing in brightness.

Anousha says, "I had never given a formal presentation on my research, so this was a great experience for me. It forced me to learn how to explain my research to someone who doesn't have the same exact physics background as I do. Explaining this to other people made sure that I fully understood the foundational concepts behind my research and helped me gain confidence."