Research Spotlight - Dominic Stoner

Author: Kelly Girst

Dominic Stoner Headshot

Dominic Stoner

Major: Biochemistry
Research Location: The University of Notre Dame

Dominic's research project focuses on characterizing how well a set of DNA aptamers bind to the AIDS drug zidovudine, which is often counterfeited. He designed an experiment and protocol to measure the binding affinity through a machine called an ITC. Dominic hopes that research like his will provide more affordable and convenient means of identifying substandard and counterfeit drugs, especially in low-to-middle income countries.

Dominic says, "I was drawn to this position because I wanted to have a greater experience of independent research while discerning whether to pursue a Ph.D. in biochemistry. Although there was much less direction and funding for this project, it gives me the opportunity to better understand the everyday life of a graduate student and how the self-direction of research projects goes."