Research Spotlight - Felicity Wong

Author: Kelly Girst

Felicity Wong printing fabric

Felicity Wong

Majors: Creative Writing and Art History
Research Location: Jaipur and Dehli, India


Felicity spent almost two weeks in Delhi and Jaipur, visiting art galleries and other public spaces that served as inspiration for the aesthetic and setting of her senior thesis research, a novel that uses fashion to explore consciousness within an artistic tradition outside of the West. While in Jaipur, she spoke with to an array of esteemed individuals, including designer Tripti Bhagarva, textile technologist Vikram Joshi, and wedding stylist Sujata Bandhari. They had conversations about the barriers Indian artisans face, the value of handicraft, and evolving fashion trends that gave her insights on how fashion in postcolonial India is shifting alongside the rest of the world.

Felicity says, "As a creative writer, I have always struggled with transitioning from the stage of witness and observation to tangible writing. This experience helped me explore the multitude of ways to approach that transition. I also honed my skills in interviewing and networking with experts (i.e. designers, artists, stylists) in the field."