Research Spotlight - Jacob Sherer

Author: Kelly Girst

Jacob Sherer

Jacob Sherer

Major: Political Science
Research Location: Washington D.C.

Jacob served as an Intern for the House Budgetary Committee. He attended Congressional hearings/briefings and wrote one-page policy memos summarizing witness testimonies. Additionally, he assisted the budget analysts with research on legislation related to the debt ceiling, farm bill, and the NDAA. This included doing extensive research for an article that is going to be eventually published in the Harvard Journal on Legislation.

Jacob says, "This experience helped me grow as a scholar because I cultivated my research skills that included finding very niche information in the Library of Congress and being able to summarize long documents into only a few paragraphs. The most surprising part of my experience was the level of responsibility they gave me. I was writing memos that were being directly printed to members of Congress for them to read."