Research Spotlight - Mary Chen

Author: Kelly Girst

Mary Chen In Research Lab

Mary Chen

Major: Biological Science
Location: University of Notre DameĀ 

Mary worked on developing a rapid, cheap and accurate POC test using asymmetric nanopore membrane (ANM) technology. The filtration technology developed for isolation and enrichment of virus particles and cellular tissues will significantly improve the sensitivity and selectivity of current tests. Her lab aimed to integrate the ANM with ion-exchange membrane (IEM)-based molecular concentration technology to enhance detection. In under thirty minutes, a virus contained in a sample of saliva can be detected. Virus enrichment and purification using the ANM will allow researchers to improve the sensitivity of current COVID-19 nucleic acid amplification tests, as well as enable large-volume pooled screening tests.

Mary says, "This experience allowed me to continue developing necessary skills to be a successful scientist. I benefited from the opportunity to be mentored by the research faculty and graduate students. As a scholar, I feel more confident and comfortable in a lab environment, so I am able to really contribute my ideas to the project."