Research Spotlight - Naya Tadavarthy

Author: Kelly Girst

Naya Tadavarth Painting Illustrations
Naya Tadavarth Painting Illustrations

Naya Tadavarthy

Major: Studio Art
Location: Online

Naya decided to take a class at the Rhode Island School of Design to learn more about children's book illustration. The course dovetailed with her thesis, which was a children's book about Gisela von Arnim, a German teenager who founded a female literary circle and wrote fairy tales at the same time as the Brothers Grimm. Because Notre Dame did not offer a children’s book illustration course, she took this one online. For this summer class, she illustrated the nursery rhyme “The Queen of Hearts.” 

Naya says, "I learned so much about the steps involved in making illustrations, and the class really encouraged me to think about the link between words and pictures. I realized that images can add so much information between the lines of a story. Going forward, I am excited to emulate some of the well-known illustrators I discovered in my class and add my own personal artistic touch to my thesis project."