Research Spotlight - Sarah Bohling

Author: Kelly Girst

Sarah Bohling in lab

Sarah Bohling

Major: Biochemistry
Research Location: The University of Notre Dame

Sarah worked in a lab this summer where she focused on completing an analysis of cytoplasmic dynein, dynactin complex components, and actins present in Rhodelphis, a sister phylum of red algae, and 10 red algal species, with the aim to determine phylogenetic relationships between dynein, dynactin complex, and actin proteins in red algae in comparison to humans and other model organisms. She also made diagrams to present her research findings for the publication that her lab is developing on dynein and the dynactin complex in relation to dynein-based transport.

Sarah says, "This experience helped me grow as a scholar by allowing me to explore an entirely different side to research, a more computational approach that compliments experimental work. In addition to my growth as a scientific scholar, I have also grown as a scholar more generally by working on presentations, building diagrams and tables that present my findings in ways that are easy to understand and consume, as well as to design experiments that could help in confirming hypotheses developed from computational work."