Glynn Ambassadors

The Glynn Ambassadors are a group of talented scholars who represent the student face of the Glynn Program. They help to plan Glynn social and professional development events and assist with the Glynn Summer Read. They also are happy to talk with current and future Glynn Scholars about the program and its many benefits. 

  1. Michelle Cho Headshot

    Michelle Cho

    Class of 2023
    Economics and ACMS

  2. Caroline Egan Headshot

    Caroline Egan

    Class of 2025
    Political Science and Global Affairs

  3. Daniel Gatewood Headshot

    Daniel Gatewood

    Class of 2024

  4. Kyla Goksoy Heatshot

    Kyla Goksoy

    Class of 2026
    Psychology and Photography

  5. Anousha Greiveldinger Headshot

    Anousha Greiveldinger

    Class of 2024
    Physics and French

  6. Pranav Guntupalli Headshot

    Pranav Guntupalli

    Class of 2025
    ACMS and Global Affairs

  7. Kelly Harris Headshot

    Kelly Harris

    Class of 2023
    Musical Theater and Digital Marketing

  8. Julian Kaufmann Headshot

    Julian Kaufmann

    Class of 2025
    Honors Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering

  9. Emma Laboe Headshot

    Emma Laboe

    Class of 2025
    Physics and Gender Studies

  10. Benjamin Malloy Headshot

    Benjamin Malloy

    Class of 2023
    Political Science and French

  11. Griffin Mulcahy Headshot

    Griffin Mulcahy

    Class of 2025
    Physics and Honors Math

  12. Garrett Pacholl Headshot2

    Garrett Pacholl

    Class of 2024
    History and Global Affairs

  13. Clare Pryor Headshot

    Clare Pryor

    Class of 2024
    Neuroscience and Behavior and Film, Television, and Theater

  14. Matthew Ruff Headshot

    Matthew Ruff

    Class of 2025
    Political Science and Global Affairs

  15. Grace Waddell Headshot

    Grace Waddell

    Class of 2025
    Neuroscience & Behavior and Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics