Dr. Claudia Polini Appointed Glynn Family Honors Professor of Mathematics

Author: Jane Kraemer

Claudia Polini Photo

Dr. Claudia Polini, a distinguished member of the Notre Dame Mathematics faculty, has been appointed the Glynn Family Honors Collegiate Professor of Mathematics for a three-year term. 

Prof. Polini is a world-renowned scholar in the area of commutative algebra and its interactions with algebraic geometry, having received her PhD from Rutgers University in 1995. Her work uncovers the properties of systems of polynomial equations associated with complex shapes in multi-dimensional spaces. These findings have applications in robotics, statistics and 3D design imaging, to name but a few examples. She also currently serves as the director for the Center of Mathematics at Notre Dame.


Dr. Polini is well known around campus for her impassioned teaching of mathematics, and for her dedication to women in STEM fields. She has advised a number of undergraduate theses in mathematics, several in the Glynn Honors Program. In her new capacity as the Glynn Family Honors Professor, she will oversee and help teach the freshman Glynn math sequence offered every year to Glynn Family Honors students in the College of Arts & Letters, and work with the Glynn program on improving its mathematics offerings across the board.