The Glynn curriculum

Mark Roche Teaching A German Class Talking To Three Students

Glynn courses satisfy many of the requirements in Notre Dame's Core Curriculum. Glynn professors, among the University’s best researchers and classroom teachers, lead Glynn Scholars in small seminar classes that fulfill Literature, Theology, Philosophy, Math, and Science requirements. Simultaneously, Glynn Scholars complete majors and minors in their fields of academic interest.    

Glynn research

Glynn Scholars engage in research throughout their time at Notre Dame. Scholars may work in labs, join research teams, develop creative projects, or pursue independent research in their disciplines. Every Glynn Scholar writes a senior thesis. The Glynn Program offers generous support for student research, on campus and around the world. 

Glynn advising

Prof. Jillian Snyder serves as the Glynn Program's assistant director and faculty advisor. From her office in the Glynn Scholar's Lounge, she provides advice on course selection, research plans, grant applications, study abroad, career planning, and more. 

In addition, every Glynn Scholar has a dedicated advisor in the Center for University Advising (first year) or in Arts and Letters, Science, or Architecture (sophomore through senior years). 

Scholars also enjoy access to Notre Dame's unparalleled guidance to support research projects, national fellowship applications, and career services. Arts and Letters students have the additional benefit of Beyond the Dome, a bespoke career services resource for Notre Dame liberal arts students. 

I loved getting to take classes with a lot of the same people freshman & early sophomore year. I've truly made lifelong friends through this program! I was placed in a random group for a project in my humanities seminar freshman year, and these once strangers are now some of my closest friends. Our seminar also still gets brunch occasionally! I also feel like the professors of Glynn classes really care about your intellectual and personal growth. — Hailey Oppenlander '22