Two students doing ecology research outdoors

Support for your research

Undergraduate research is a transformative experience. When you write your own novel, test your own hypothesis, or develop a close friendship with a faculty mentor, you grow not only in intellectual knowledge but also in self-understanding.

Recognizing the power of undergraduate research, the Glynn Program strives to provide summer research grants to all Glynn Scholars who submit a meaningful research proposal.

Summer grants may be used to support travel, living expenses, or presentations at conferences. Many students use their summer research grant to enhance research for their senior theses. The possibilities are endless.

Scholars can also apply for funding to support research or conference travel during the semester or at fall or spring break, or to secure research materials on campus. 

Scholars can also apply for limited funds to support a summer of immersive language learning, exceptional academic courseswork, or service-oriented or foreign-language internships. Look for announcements in the Glynn Gazette newsletter regarding these new opportunities!

I loved doing research for my thesis. Glynn was able to fund me so that I could create an incredible project, allowing me to stay at ND over the summer to focus on my research and present at a prestigious national conference. — Audrey Filonczuk '22