The world is your classroom

Glynn Students At The National Library

Glynn scholars enjoy Notre Dame’s many opportunities for study abroad. They travel to develop a second language, to conduct research in international archives, or to study with some of the world’s foremost academics.

Notre Dame sponsors or facilitates programs in many locations around the globe. Whether you attend one of Notre Dame's Global Gateways or a program at an international university, choose the best fit for you. The programs sponsored through Notre Dame International are open to Glynn scholars as well as other students at the University.

Glynn scholars are well suited to apply to the Kennedy Scholars program in London and the Rome International Scholars program in Rome. In addition to the usual coursework, scholars in these programs engage in research that can lay the foundation for a senior thesis. In London, Kennedy Scholars enroll in a special seminar that supports their research. Rome International Scholars live with host families and may take up a funded internship in Rome.

From time to time, the Glynn Program organizes special research opportunities or courses with a travel component, including the Spring 2023 course Rome and the Arts of Power.