Unparalleled access

Jason Furman, one of the visiting speakers for 2023

Each year, the Glynn Program brings distinguished speakers to campus to give lectures, master classes, and seminars for the Glynn community. Glynn Scholars receive priority in registering for classes taught by Glynn Visiting Scholars and meet with them over meals and in small group discussions. 

September 2023

Sandeep Ravindran, Johns Hopkins University

Microbiology and Journalism

Science writer Sandeep Ravindran visited the College of Science in September. He met with Glynn Scholars over lunch to discuss current issues in science, science journalism, and science policy. Ravindran has written stories on the life sciences and technology for The New York Times, Smithsonian Magazine, The Scientist, Nature, Science, and other publications. 

March 2023

Jason Furman, Harvard University


Jason Furman, former chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors under President Barack Obama, visited the Glynn Program and the Department of Economics in March 2023 to deliver a public lecture and meet with Glynn economics and political science majors.

November 2022

Amy Ellis Nutt, Washington Post

Neuroscience and Journalism

Amy Nutt, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, visited the Glynn Program and the College of Science in November. She met with Glynn Scholars over lunch to discuss her recent books, Shadows Bright as Glass, The Teenage Brain, and Becoming Nicole, and gave a lecture on her forthcoming book American Madness.

October 2022

Noga Arikha, Paris and Florence

Philosophy and Neuroscience

Noga Arikha, an award-winning philosopher of neuroscience, visited Notre Dame as a joint guest of the Glynn Program and the Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values. She met with Glynn psychology and neuroscience majors over dinner and gave a lecture on her latest book, The Ceiling Outside, based on her observational work at a psychiatric hospital in Paris. 

August 2022

René Reifarth, University of Frankfurt


René Reifarth, an expert in experimental physics, visited campus in August 2022 and then hosted a group of Glynn physics majors at his laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany, over fall break.

April 2022

Alfred Aranda, University of Colima, Mexico. 


Prof. Aranda was resident for the Spring semester and co-taught the Glynn Program's Quarks to Quasars course with Prof. Christopher Kolda. He offered a public lecture on his research and met with Glynn Scholars to discuss current questions in his field of research. 

November 2021

Harvey Brown, Oxford University


Prof. Brown, emeritus professor of the philosophy of physics at Oxford and a fellow of the British Academy, was resident for the Fall semester and taught courses in Philosophy for graduate students and Glynn Scholars. In November, he conducted a special seminar for Glynn Scholars on current questions in the philosophy of physics.